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How to Spot a Super Bowl Phony Ticket

NFL officials say every year, dozens of people buy phony Super Bowl tickets and are turned away at the gate. Here's how to spot a fake ticket:

Check the back for a black-on-black hologram. At different angles, you should be able to see the XL in red, plus the color green (or the number of the current super bowl). If the hologram is fuzzy or doesn't have two colors, the ticket is suspect. Also in the hologram is the name of the host city and the date of the game.

A real ticket should have superb printing quality.

The fronts of real tickets also have a wheel, the Lombardi trophy, a car speedometer and tailight, a microphone and Super Bowl rings all embossed in silver foil.

Officials warn against buying tickets on the street or over the Internet, but if you do, use a credit card so you might be able to contest the charge if the ticket is bogus.

If the ticket is priced less than the going rate, it's probably counterfeit.

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