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Cash Life Insurance Settlements

By Ross Bainbridge

Cash life insurance settlement refers to a cash settlement for relinquishing the life insurance policy of a person for several reasons, like medical treatment, incapacity to afford premiums, poor performance of the policy, and so on. Generally Cash Life Insurance Settlement companies purchase life insurance policies from individuals, trusts and companies and award a fixed percentage of the policy amount to the policy seller. Then the Company will become the owner and beneficiary of the policy and when the policy owner dies or when the policy matures, the Company collects the full amount of the policy. Therefore obviously, the difference between the amount that the Company has paid to the policy owner and the amount it has received from the Insurance Company will be the income to the Company on that particular insurance settlement transaction. Cash Life Insurance settlement companies offer higher amounts on the insurance settlements than the insurance companies.

Owing to several reasons, insurance policy owners may go for cash life settlements. If the policy owner is in great need of money for emergency situations or for meeting expensive medical treatment, he/she may choose cash life settlements. Similarly if the policy owner thinks that the policy is no longer serving his needs, if he wants to invest that amount in some other better policy or if he wants to supplement the policy amount along with his other retirement benefits, then he can opt for cash life settlements. On the other hand, some policyholders wish to have inheritance cash advances in which the heirs of the policyholder receive a portion of the policy amount now itself instead of waiting until the holder dies.

Generally cash life insurance settlements are availed by only those people who carry life insurance policy worth of minimum one hundred thousand dollars in U.S.A. Moreover senior cash life settlements are availed by those people whose age is above sixty-five years and whose policy amount exceeds one hundred thousand dollars. There are some cash life settlement brokers who will bid on the policy. However it is up to the policy owner to accept or reject the offer made by the broker. Before selecting the cash life settlement company, the policyholder should be very careful and should do thorough prior research about the genuineness of the company.

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