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EA Agrees to Pay $15.6 Million to Settle Class Action on Overtime

Source: Business Wire

Electronic Arts has agreed to pay $15.6 million to settle a class action lawsuit brought by computer graphic artists seeking overtime compensation, the company announced on Oct. 5, 2005. The class includes computer graphic artists, including "animators," "modelers," "Texture artists," "lighters," "background effects artists," "special effects artists" and "environmental artists," who worked at EA's California studios at any time from July 29, 2000 to the present.

Under the terms of the settlement, the claims of the alleged class will be dismissed, and EA will make a total payment of $15.6 million to cover all claims by the class members, plaintiffs' attorney fees, any incentive payments to the named plaintiffs and all administrative costs of the settlement.
Any portion of the settlement fund that is unclaimed by class members will go to the Jackie Robinson Foundation, a national nonprofit organization that awards college scholarships to minority students, with a preference toward students interested in studying interactive entertainment.

Settlement of the case, which is pending in the Superior Court of San Mateo County, California, must be approved by the Court before it can become effective.

Electronic Arts (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for videogame systems, personal computers and the Internet.

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