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Abandonment Clauses In Leases in Ohio

1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges

A Guide to Purchasing Real Estate in Mexico for Americans

Abandoned Property

Abandoned Property

Advantages and disadvantages of a zero-point/zero-fee loan?

Appealing Property Taxes For Your Home

Appraisal - Subsidized Housing

Avoiding Foreclosure

Can my loan be sold? What happens if my lender goes out of business?

Cost Segregation

Courts Begin Putting the Brakes on "Takings"

Department of Veterans Affairs Loans (VA Loans)

Depreciate Property Improvements Correctly With Cost Segregation

Federal Housing Administration Loans (FHA Loans)

Five Basic Steps to Commercial Real Estate Investing

Foreclosure Investing and Structuring Deals with Private Investors

Frequently Asked Questions in Real Estate Law

Home Buying Qualifications Checklist

Home Reversion: Funding Your Retirement

How to Avoid Foreclosure

Land Contract Forms

Loss Mitigation - a Set of Tools to Stop Foreclosure

Manhattan church sells air rights for $30 million

New Bankruptcy Law Makes it Harder to Stop Foreclosure

Owners of Subdivision Properties Have Greater Development Opportunities

Protesting Commercial Property Taxes

Real Estate Contracts

Real Estate Forms - Property Disclosure Form

Real Estate Investing in Fixer Uppers

Requirements for a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Rule Against Perpetuities

Should I pay points? Does a zero-point/zero-fee loan really exist?

Should I refinance?

Should You Use an LLC for Your Real Estate Investing? Probably--and Here's Why

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