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Concurrent/Service Mark Application


Mark [Mark]

Class Number [Class Number]


[Appropriate identification of applicant]

The above identified applicant has adopted and is using the [trademark or service mark] shown in the accompanying drawing for the following described [goods or services], and requests that the mark be registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the Principal Register established by the Act of July 5, 1946, for the area comprising [List states for which registration is sought].

The trademark was first used on the goods on [date of first use]; was first used on the goods in [type of commerce] commerce on [date of first commercial use]; and is now in use in such commerce.

[Insert one of the following paragraphs as applicable: The mark has been in lawful use in commerce or in connection with the goods for the year preceding the filing of this application or The mark has not been in use in commerce for the full year preceding the filing of this application, but applicant requires domestic registration as a basis for foreign protection of the mark.]

The mark is used by applying it to [Manner or method of using mark with the goods, such as: the goods or the containers for the goods or displays associated with the goods or tags or labels affixed to the goods or other method which may be in use], and five specimens showing the mark as actually used are presented herewith.

The following [exception or exceptions] to applicants right to exclusive use are:

By [name], doing business at [address, including street, city and state], who is using the mark [mark and registration number or serial number, if any] for [common, usual or ordinary name of goods or services] in the States of by applying the mark to from [earlier known date of such use] to the present.

[Appropriate verification or declaration and add, after the word association the words other than those authorized by applicant.]

Attach designation of domestic representative, if necessary.