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Statutory Invention Registration Request


Application Serial Number:
[Application Serial Number]
[Date filed]
[Patent title]
[Name of Applicant(s)]

I hereby request the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks to publish the regularly filed patent application identified above as a Statutory Invention Registration. I also waive the right to receive a United States patent on the same invention claimed in that application. I also understand that upon publication of the Statutory Invention Registration, this waiver will effectively waive my right to receive a United States patent on the invention claimed in the Statutory Invention Registration.

In my opinion, the disclosures and claims of the above patent application meet the requirements of section 112 of Title 35 of the United States Code.

I have enclosed the required fee for requesting publication of a Statutory Invention Registration which amounts to $ [Amount of required fee].

List below the name(s) of not more than 3 registered patent attorneys or agents if you wish to have their names printed on the front page of the Statutory Invention Registration:

[Name of attorneys]

List below the name of any assignee whose name you wish to be printed on the Statutory Invention Registration:

[Name of assignee]
[Address of assignee]

[State of Incorporation, If Applicable]

Signature of Applicant Date

Signature of Assignee Date

Signature of Attorney/Agent Date