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Notice Of Disposition Of Proceeds


Date: [Date of notice]

[First Name of person being notified] [Last Name of person being notified]
[Title of person being notified]
[Company of person being notified]
[Address of person being notified]
[City of person being notified], [State of person being notified]
[Zip Code of person being notified]

Dear [Mr./Mrs.] [Last Name of person being notified]:

You are notified that on [Date of sale], we sold the goods covered by our warehouse receipt no. [Warehouse receipt number] at [public or private] sale pursuant to [cite local enactment of UCC 7-206 and 7-210] for a price of $ [Price of goods sold] Dollars.

The amount of our claim for storage as of the date of sale was $ [Amount of claim] Dollars, and the cost of making sale was $ [Cost of sale] Dollars. The total of these two items, or $[Total cost] Dollars, when charged against the gross proceeds of sale of $[Amount charged] Dollars, leaves a balance of $[Balance left] Dollars, which is due you. Our check in the amount of $ [Amount of check] Dollars is enclosed.

Very truly yours,

[Signature of warehouseman or authorized agent] Date