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New Employee Announcement


Date [Date of Notice]

To: All Employees

From: [Name of Employer]

Subject: New Employee ([Name of new Employee])

It is my pleasure to announce that a new employee, [Name of new Employee], will be joining our staff starting [First Date of Employment]. [He/she] will assume the position of [Job Title of new Employee]. In this position, [he/she] will be reporting directly to [Name of Supervisor of new Employee].

Our newest employee was previously employed with [Previous Employer] where [he/she] held the position of [Previous Job Title of new Employee]. We believe [he/she] will be a valuable addition to our Company team.

Please join me in wishing [Name of new Employee] a successful career with the Company. During the first few days at our Company, it will be the up to the entire Company to make [him/her] feel welcome. Please take the time to introduce yourselves to our newest team member.

Thank you