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Agreement To Terminate Lease


Date: [Date of agreement]

FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, [Landlord] and [Tenant] as of [Date effective] hereby mutually agree to terminate and cancel said lease dated [Date of lease], on premises known as [Address and Description of premises]. Both [Landlord] and [Tenant] hereby agree that this termination agreement cancels all rights and obligations under said lease excepting only for any unpaid rent obligations accruing under the lease prior to the effective termination date.

[Tenant] agrees to promptly surrender the premises by the termination date and to return said premises to [Landlord] in the same condition received to the extent reasonably possible, free of [Tenant]'s goods and effects.

This agreement shall be binding upon the parties, their successors, assigns, personal agents and representatives.

Tenant Date

Landlord Date

Witness Date