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Tenant Information


Name [Name of tenant]
Address [Address of tenant]
Soc. Sec. No. [Social Security Number of tenant]
Home phone [Home phone of tenant]
Work Phone [Work phone of tenant]
Who lives with you? [include ages of children please]
What pet(s) do you have? [Type of pets]
Do you have a waterbed? [Do you have a waterbed]
Make of vehicle(s) [Make of vehicle(s)]
License(s) [License(s) of vehicle(s)]
Current employer [Current employer]
Current co-tenant employer [Current co-tenant employer]

When did you move in?
[When did you move in?]

What is your current rent per month?
[What is your current rent per month?]

What date is your rent paid up to right now?
[What date is your rent paid up to right now?]

When is your rent due each month?
[When is your rent due each month?]

What refundable deposits have you paid?
[What refundable deposits have you paid?]

Keys $ [Keys]
Security $ [Security]
Cleaning $ [Cleaning]
Other (please explain) $ [Other]
When you moved in, you paid your first month's rent. Did you also then pay your last month's rent? If so, how much was it? $ [How much was the last month's rent?]
Which of the following furnishings in your dwelling belong to the owners of the building? (Please give room locations where appropriate)

[Carpets/Drapes/Shades/Blinds/Stove/Refrigerator/Other appliancesList other appliances]

Do you have a rental agreement or lease in writing?
[Do you have a rental agreement or lease in writing? ]

If so, what is the date of the latest one
[Date of last rental agreement or lease]

In case of an emergency, what friend or relative should we contact?
[Name of emergency contact] [Phone Number of emergency contact]

Date [Date signed]