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Compensation For Car Accident and Injury Victims-Ohio

by Anthony Castelli, Attorney At Law

If you are injured by the negligence of another in the State of Ohio your are entitled to compensation for certain damages. First let's define negligence. It is the failure to do what a reasonably careful person would do under the circumstances.
The damages recoverable are as follows:
1. medical expenses past and future
2. Lost wages past and future
3. Pain and Suffering past and future
4. Loss of enjoyment of life past and future
5. Disfiguremnt from scarring past and future

These damages must be documented. A good doctor's report is critical. It must connect your claimed injuries to the car accident or other event that you feel caused your injury.

AnTony Castelli www.castellilaw.com

About the Author
Anthony Castelli is an experienced Cincinnati, Ohio attorney concentrating on accident and injury law. His web site is www.castellilaw.com

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