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A New Defense to Preference Litigation

A New Lawsuit Filed Every 3 Seconds! Protect Yourself

Accounting Community Supports KPMG

Arbitration - Protect Yourself

Arraignment in New York Criminal Courts

Bayes' Theorem in the Court of Appeal

Big Verdict For Janitor Who Complained About Broken Toilets

British Schools, Safety Incidents And The Courts

Can I get a restraining order even if I am not a citizen or legal resident?

Chief Justice of the United States, William H Rehnquist, dies at age 80

Court Records - A Valuable Source of Information and History

European Court of Justice

Explaining Evidence Logically

Facts on wrongful death lawsuit

Focus Groups Yield Recommendations for Improving Court Operations

How the U.S. Court System Works

How to prosecute Libel and Slander in the UK

Is it necessary to go to court?

Is justice going to the highest bidder?

Jury Nullification

Key Figures in the LAPD Officers' (Rodney King Beating) Trial

Lawsuit challenges Christmas-music ban

Long-arm Jurisdiction Falls Short

May I Take Your Deposition, Sir?


Motion for Summary Judgment

No Win No Fee and 'Power' Questions


Pleas & Court Appearances in New York Criminal Courts

Polygraphs -- Introduction at Trial

Sales and the Art of Private Investigation

Service by substitution in California

Substituted Service In California

The Complexity of Wrongful Death Cases

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