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AIG Settles Fraud, Bid-Rigging and Improrer Accounting Charges

Are There Legal Ways To Sell Securities Without Registering With the SEC?

Are There State Law Requirements in Addition to Federal Ones?

Benefits of the LLC – Limited Liability Company

Building Corporate Credit

Business Credit Scores Impact on Business Lending

Business Name – How To Pick One

Business Name – How To Pick One

Business Organizations: Choosing Your Business Structure

Bylaws – The Guts of a Corporation

California Businesses Incorporating In Nevada - Is It Legal?

California Businesses Incorporating In Nevada - Is It Legal?

California Limited Liability Company – An Overview

Checklist for Establishing A Not For Profit Corporation

Corporate Crime

Corporate Law

Corporate Minutes

Corporate Shells

Corporation – What Is It?

Corporation – What Is It?


Does Software Solve Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Issues?

Don’t Throw Away Your Business

Enabling Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

Forming a Corporation – Investors

Going Private

Going Public by Way of Regulation D (504) Offering

Going Public: Is it for You?

Going Public: Now that You Have Successfully Made the Transition, What To Do

Going Public: The Process for Small and Mid-size Companies to Go Public

How Can I Get Answers from the SEC about Small Business Questions?

How Does My Small Business Register a Public Offering?

How To Choose A Legal Structure For Your Business

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Small Business

How To Incorporate Yourself Without a Lawyer

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